RSI is a public interest private law firm specialising in complex litigation defending communities, workers, consumers and civil society’s rights to land, occupational health and safety, and safe products.


Class Action

RSI is a pioneering firm in plaintiff class action litigation. We use this mechanism – which is relatively new in South African law – to allow litigants to access justice when they may not otherwise have the means, opening the door to legal redress. Class actions enable an individual or entity to bring a lawsuit on behalf of a defined group that has been similarly harmed.


Workers Rights

The Constitution sets out lofty aspirations for workers’ rights in South Africa. RSI aims to bridge the gap between these aspirations and their realisation. We defend and advocate for the rights of workers, ranging from occupational injuries and diseases to health and safety, and specialised labour disputes. We provide high quality, ethical advisory services and litigation support before a variety of tribunals and courts.


Land Law

South Africa’s political and developmental history coupled with the economy’s dependence on extractive industries and a stalled post-1994 land reform agenda has created a deeply complex, fiercely contested land-use regime. RSI offers a holistic suite of land reform expertise. We specialise in the areas of land, mining and natural resources, drawing on decades of experience at the intersection of these sectors to support and advise individuals, communities and the State.


Consumer Rights

South African consumers are too often taken advantage of, or even actively endangered, by corporations. They are then unable to hold the transgressors to account: litigation is expensive and bargaining power can be impossible to acquire as an individual consumer. The protection of consumers’ rights through legal mechanisms is an underutilised but increasingly effective way to keep corporate interests in check. RSI spearheads class actions on behalf of consumers.



Richard Spoor makes submissions in Baleni v Minister of Mineral Resources in the Gauteng High Court, Pretoria - Unknown

RSI is a public interest law firm with offices in Johannesburg and White River, South Africa. Our world-class team specialises in complex litigation centred on land, occupational health and safety, product safety or events giving rise to a multiplicity of claims under class or group actions. We defend the rights of communities, workers, consumers and civil society. We are guided in all we do by the rule of law; the values of the South African Constitution and our clients’ bravery and commitment.



Maledu v Itereleng Bakgatla Mineral Resources (Pty) Limited in the Constitutional Court of South Africa - Johan Lorenzen

RSI is built on founder Richard Spoor’s 30 year career in occupational health and safety, representing workers and trade unions in enquiries into some of the country’s worst industrial disasters in the chemical, construction, industrial and mining sectors.